Touring Throughout Ramadan to Muslim Nations

Are you contemplating touring throughout Ramadan, however aren’t certain concerning the sensitivities of it?

We’re right here to inform you that it’s completely tremendous, if reality, it implies that you’ll have the ability to take part on the traditions that come throughout the fasting interval.

Firstly, what’s Ramadan?

Throughout Ramadan Muslims quick for Allah.

They abstain from consuming, ingesting, smoking and intimate relationships throughout daytime, breaking every day’s quick with Iftar at sundown. All however the aged, sick, pregnant ladies and those that are touring are anticipated to quick. Even youngsters have a tendency to participate.

Touring throughout Ramadan

What about touring throughout Ramadan to Muslim international locations?

There’s a number of issues to find out about when touring throughout Ramadan to Muslim international locations.


I believe it’s important to make sure that in case you are touring to an Islamic nation you’re conscious of whether or not or not it’s Ramadan while you’re there. Since Ramadan turns into 11 days earlier every year this will appear complicated, however in in the present day’s world it’s simple to verify this on-line forward of arriving.


Typically it’s not anticipated that non-Muslims quick throughout Ramadan. Fasting is hard although. I understand how my temper deteriorates when I’m hungry. With the intention to be delicate to the native tradition, it’s a kindness on the a part of vacationers to not eat and drink brazenly throughout the day throughout Ramadan, by which I imply don’t stroll down the road snacking or smoking. Each place differs and touristy locations typically nonetheless serve foods and drinks throughout the day in Ramadan.

In most Islamic international locations, Muslim-run eating places will stay closed throughout fasting hours. Nonetheless, if cafes and eating places are open then vacationers mustn’t really feel dangerous patronizing them. Different international locations, like Saudi Arabia and the UAE, require everybody to quick in public.

Respect and modesty

Since it’s a spiritual event, it’s also respectful to put on modest clothes. It usually is anyway when you’re in an Islamic nation. Behaving further respectfully in the direction of spiritual symbols is advisable too, particularly mosques, since Ramadan is a time to concentrate on prayer and studying the Koran.

Drums and dinner

This all sounds very limiting, however spending time in an Islamic nation throughout Ramadan can be very rewarding. Every night at sundown when the quick is damaged, folks collect collectively for a meal, which is a really sociable event and infrequently very jolly, since by this stage of the day persons are hungry. Totally different international locations sign Iftar in numerous methods. After I lived in Turkey a younger boy was despatched across the neighborhood at sundown, banging a drum to point that individuals may eat.

Avoiding touring throughout Ramadan is pointless. It’s a scenario nevertheless, the place consciousness and sensitivity go a great distance.

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